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Your cars / Re: My old (new) "snowman" GTE
« on: 23:53, Sat 17 May 2014 »
New Tyres, wheels, plastic protector from CGB and yellow h4.

Front bumber corrected after more crashes

New front lights and rear new polished.

and now actual setup :)

Your cars / Re: My old (new) "snowman" GTE
« on: 12:50, Mon 03 March 2014 »
New wheel 7x13 Smoor roadster

and new tires Yokohama a539

Your cars / My old (new) "snowman" GTE
« on: 10:00, Mon 03 March 2014 »
Hi, My name is Filip and Im from Czech republic. Now sorry for my english.
We renostructed this car with my dad for 3 years. I want preserve GTE in original condition. It was finished last year. And there is picture.

New engine from r19

And now reconstruction from the ground up

and now sleeping in garage

this is engine for my "snowman"  :)

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