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Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 15:09, Tue 06 May 2014 »
Hi all, I've been a bit lazy on updating this thread but the project itself has had some progress.
Some pictures about the progress:

The center tunnel seams streghtened.

Making the mock-up of the roll cage. I brought the mock-ups to a company that measured them and then bended the tubes from the correct material.

The roll cage is almost ready. Still missing the door tubes and one tube for the shoulder harnesses.

Finally all the rust work is done! The underneath of the car is now painted with epoxy, the seams sealed and the underbody protection sprayed on.

Got the biggest chassis components sand blasted and painted. The smaller parts I can sand blast and paint in my garage.

I decided to modify the rear wheel arches a bit to get a little more space for the tires. I used this wheel arch roller.

And here is the result:

Yesterday I took car down from the body stand so it's now on axle stands. I need to finish the roll cage and get the car ready for paint. I'll try to be a bit more active with updating this thread...

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 17:10, Tue 25 June 2013 »
Thanks! I'm doing it myself. The project is not really moving forward now because my company decided to send me to Germany for 6 months...

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 19:55, Thu 25 April 2013 »
Time to update the project here. I have come to the conclusion that the worst invention in history is RUST!

Removed the front jacking point, or what was left of it.

New part installed.

Looks nice...

And the rear beam is fixed.

Made a new part.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get the new sidesills welded so I can move to the other side where the same work awaits...

Your cars / Re: White Gt Turbo Phase2 "back from the grave"
« on: 15:18, Tue 23 April 2013 »
Nice work! One question though, when you worked on the cylinder head, you left the intake channels polished but the exhasust channels scratched? I've been under the impression it should be the other way around. Leave the intake channels scratched to get the air spinning around the walls and so getting it to flow better. The exhaust channels should be polished to avoid carbon deposit.

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 14:20, Sun 24 March 2013 »
Been really busy with other stuff but now I finally got the body mounting thing (what ever it's called in english...) ready and the car mounted to it.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Suspension kit for track use
« on: 15:02, Wed 13 March 2013 »

I've been searching the web for a suspension kit for track use.
So far I've found these:
GAZ gold kit - ... lover-kits
AVO GTZ and GTX kits -

Anyone have any experience about these or perhaps some other kits on the track?

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 08:27, Mon 04 February 2013 »
Hi, looks very similar indeed. Is that self made also?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: cooling fan issue
« on: 21:12, Thu 31 January 2013 »
There should be the fan switch on the radiator, you can short the wires coming to the switch. If the fan goes on, the switch is broken. Of course fuse and relay should be checked also.

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 17:26, Wed 30 January 2013 »
Fixed the front bumper mountings area on both sides. Still need to make the actual bumper mounting brackets but for that I need a bumper to get the brackets in the right place. Hopefully I'll get the bumper this weekend.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: gearbox swapping parts
« on: 14:54, Thu 24 January 2013 »
Hi, I got it scanned. It's a PDF so I can't really post it here. I can send it to you by email, if that's okay?

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 16:47, Wed 23 January 2013 »
Thanks. It had a carburator originally. It was a standard 1.4  R11 turbo engine, so it's actually the same engine as in R5GTT. The throttle body is from a Renault Megane and the ecu is megasquirt.

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 09:59, Wed 23 January 2013 »
Actually I was a bit surprised myself, the windscreen area is in excellent condition!

Your cars / Re: R5 track car project
« on: 20:58, Tue 22 January 2013 »
Done some welding in the rear

And I removed the windscreen

Also done a lot of cleaning, trying to get the rust protection stuff off (don't remember what's it called in english). Starting to regret that I did not just take the body to get sandblasted...

Hopefully next week I can build the body rig so I can rotate the body and get started working on the bottom.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: gearbox swapping parts
« on: 18:14, Mon 21 January 2013 »
Yes, I can scan them, I need to do it at work but I'll try to get it done this week.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: gearbox swapping parts
« on: 15:06, Wed 16 January 2013 »
You should have no problem building one good box out of those two if they are the same type. Keep in mind that there are different JB3 transmissions available, check the type codes carefully.
I would suggest that you get for example the Haynes manual, it has very good instructions on disassembling/assembling the gearbox.
First you need to remove the 5th gear gears and then you are able to open the box. If it doesn't open easily, try engaging different gears. If I remember correctly, you need to have it on certain gear for it to open easily. Can't remember which one it was.
I have the manual so I can give you exact instructions if you want but I strongly suggest on getting the manual yourself. The gearbox is full of small pieces that can come of when you open it. At least that has happened to me...

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