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Your cars / My R5 Turbo Ph2 (Red) Any details?
« on: 17:57, Tue 15 December 2009 »
Hey Guys,

New here, have just bought an R5 after years of dreaming of one...
Just curious if anyone has any history behind it?

Previous owner didnt know much bar a (re-jetted carb? KTR 180 Turbo and a Pace charge cooler), oh and has previously been ran upto 17-18PSI apparently but I dont know, doesnt smoke though whatsoever, so maybe it was able to handle that?
Just looks quite standard to me etc, Have had a few saxo's etc in the past (met its makers the nurburgring the last one) but dont know bugger all about these so if someone could shed any light or has seen it in the past do you know anymore?

Anyone know anything about this one? F103 POR.
Seems in the receipts that a guy called 'Ryan' spend a bit on her but im none the wiser.

Pics below,
Cheers guys.

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