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Your cars /
« on: 18:38, Thu 20 March 2008 »
no pun intended mate i call people pal all the time ,just a regional lingo thing heheh
and of course the car looks neglected it hasnt been used for 4-5yrs mate hence the reason for selling seemed a shame sitting there i agree it looks grubby but a good car is there with a good sort through i just havent got the time as i have other projects on the go which include a bare metal resto on a saff cosworth turning it into a track beast ... also have other projects on the go and not enough time to do them all  :roll:

nice photoshop lol that looks exactly how it used to be ahahah and it did used to sit lower on the front similar to the pic but with the 16" wheels it caught so i changed the springs to a diff set to raise it slightly which helped stop it rubbing imo 15" wheels would be much better for the car only put these wheels on the car to roll it around the garage etc

sorry if i offended anyone as im not like that as im sure you would find if you met myself lol
regards  :wink:

Your cars /
« on: 17:25, Wed 19 March 2008 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
No offence but in the first post you mentioned the engine runs hot (apparently like they all do) then in the second you say it never overheats, then you say you replace the 'usual' headgasket.

Mine never overheats, head gasket is still in one piece and doesn't churn out rusty coloured water.  :shock:

so when you give your car a bit of stick pal it doesnt get warm  :?:  :?:
its a cramped bay thats all i meant by it running hot pall ,temps never go over half way on gauge usually somewere in between quarter and half way
so yes it runs hot ,but never overheats like i stated pal lol
yes i have changed the headgasket a couple of times actually mate ,once due to it seeping slightly , once because it actually did let go but was racing a m3 at the time
and last time was due to me taking the head off to inspect so a fresh gasket went on
hasnt had one since must be on last one for 5ys plus pal ... have you even owned your 5 that long pal?????........ no offence heheh
also gunky coolant was due to breaking a jubilee clip on header tank so whilst last running the hose blew off and spewed everywere
that was the last straw at the time for me so i pushed it in the garage and left it as im lazy havent touched it since
no problems just lazyness on my part hahahaha
i save all my cleaning and buftying for my cosworths hence me neglecting the 5 gt shame thats why its being sold tho
whats with the digs anyway lads thought this was a enthusiast site for 5,s
not a lets have a dig at someone for nothing site lol
i left all that shit in the playground about 16yrs ago boys
anyway if it worries you that much pal why dont you come up and clean it for us pal i cant be arsed its not even the correct header tank for the phase 1 as its later phase 2 rubbish lmao  (phase 1 headers rarer than hens teeth )

General Chat /
« on: 17:05, Wed 19 March 2008 »
ive had a few gtti,s and they are quick ,comparing both cars the gtti is much quicker due to being three cylinder .. engine spins up and revs much quicker than a 5 turbo...
mine was typical jap build very reliable ,although i did snap a cam once
they scream and rev very well ....worth noting they were the fastest 1.0cc car evr made and made 104bhp from a 3 cyl twincam turbo

also from a rarety point of view gtti,s will be worth more in future as they were made in less no,s and most have rotted away
i personally would swap if its a decent car pal

Your cars /
« on: 18:37, Thu 13 March 2008 »
yeah no worries pal lmao its all good .... sometimes you cant judge a motor by its appearance that motor has been in for the last 5yrs plus mate and never been touched apart from maintenance and ,the usual headgasket lmao ..
im not into shiny stuff and bits that look great but serve no purpose and no dig intended pal but a lot of firms sell things they claim give power gains etc and infact they do fook all ,i just do what works and im a person who will see a product and make my own up ....take for example the adjustable crank sensor i made ,great for retarding the ignition a cpl of degrees when running big boost ,helps eliminate pinking and also spark blowout ...
yes it looks old but the motor loses no oil never overheats and has been abused for 5yrs and still strong as ever ..but all the ingredients are there pal .. i like it like that as have had fun over the years destroying big well known motors with my ahem STANDARD r5 turbo lump lmao
hell back then front mount intercoolers were too dear so i plumbed in 2 lancia intercoolers back to back which gave a capacity of just over double the size of std jobbie and as boost was spread between the two less chance of popping the intercooler

the car isnt a lemon pal trust me has cult status locally lol due to colour and many scalping of so called big power car round here inc m3,s etc only shortfall is the terrible close ratio box hell even one with a longer final drive still falls flat at 140mph

Your cars /
« on: 01:05, Thu 13 March 2008 »
Quote from: "GTTBoy"
:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Not being funny mate but if thats 210 bhp my cars 300bhp :lol:  8) ... QWOFIA.mp3

hows that then pal as by your own car you say you make 207bhp@21psi??? and im looking at the spec of your motor pal and i bet you it aint nearly as good as mine however ratty my motor  looks lol (has been this spec for last 6yrs haha and still going was built to take 32psi but setup to be a strong 200-220bhp
and to be fair and anal about it it made 212bhp @26psi of boost when last rr,d
and yes intercooler hasnt been strapped as the twin intercooler setup i had on it was removed and sold to a good pal of mine who went on to have a mag  feature with his own car lol
so whilst car was sat up i put the std jobbie back on as i wasnt going to use the car for a while as it was pushed to the back of my garage lol were its stayed for the last 4yrs
motor is a fully balanced ,blueprinted motor ,crank and rods have been shotpeened for added strength to allow higher boost threshold
crank is also knifedged ,tuftrided and dowelled for added safety . it runs a one of cam reprofiled by a good pal of mine who works for a well known firm (piper) low compression ratio is also one off .all rods ,pistons have also been matched
head has been heavily ported and polished ,big valves (sodium filled)also inlet and exhaust ports have been matched ,along with reworking of the combustion chamber area
tbh lads i couldnt give a toss what you all think lmao ,truth of the matter is im a 31yr old guy(not just some random 15yr old bullshitter keyboard warrior) who has owned this car for the last 10yrs ,have taken it as far as i want had fun along the way but is now time to move on lol
i saw the enthusiasm ollie showed and i knew it would be cared for hence me selling to him lol
and just for the record its a pearlescant white or silver colour originally and i beleive it to be the rarest phs1 colour?? i may be wrong
gunk around header tank is were i never cleaned it from when i took cap off when it was a little hot as im lazy like that lmao,, which coincidentally we all know they do run hot heheh even with a copper core rad and low temp switch with override switch

car will be mot,d in 2 weeks hopefully and then it will be painted before being sold on as after nrly 10yrs of ownership i think i owe it to her lmao
colour will be a surprise for you ollie pal so wait and see .... and no its not the original colour and dont give a shite about the purists on here that will moan....... hell it was bright yellow and on boost before ali g,s car was even built ffs so a nutty colour is only fitting

regards !!!!!

General Chat /
« on: 00:48, Thu 28 February 2008 »
Quote from: "cathalGT"
what about this? ... re=related

errrr well what about that another dreadful i have a camera phone video  kinda wish he would have hit that pillar he was 6 miles away from what a tit :roll:

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 00:39, Thu 28 February 2008 »
the whole r5 turbo setup will fit as ive done it before ,but just remember to put the compensator on along with rear beam otherwise you will have problems with your brake bias :D

Your cars /
« on: 23:00, Fri 22 February 2008 »
am in the middle of doing sills at the moment ollie just for my own satisfaction lol will get some pics for you soon ollie pal . and im not paying some third party idiot to do the work ,who doesnt care about my car so will be a1 when done
its in safe hands all welding and fab work will be a1 as my pal who does shell preparation is helping me do them ( he mainly does mk1 and 2 escort group 4 fabwork for a lot of the big cars that go over to ireland to compete his work is awesome
and yes its getting full genuine inners and outer sills as 10 yrs of ownership have taken there toll on the body but she will soon be as good as new and ready for you to collect .
i just hope you own her as long as i have and cherish her as much as i have over the years mate ......thats all and ill be happy as they are slowly getting rarer now phase 1,s and will be the ones collectors look for in the future , you only have to look at the rs scene to see this ,a mint s1 escort in concours nick should fetch 12000 wereas a s2 in same nick maybe 6-7000
phase 1,s were brought over in much fewer numbers hence will be more sought after

also if you want it painting before you collect this can be arranged for extra cost ollie phone me if needs be regards

General Chat /
« on: 11:25, Sat 05 January 2008 »
Quote from: "GTTBoy"
Quote from: "whooosh"
if you are pushing high boost its a bad thing to do away with dv as you could smash fins from back pressure :?

Been told this is bolloc*s & i have to agree, i've had my car with no d/v running 1.5 bar for nearly a year with no probs ;)
If it's the ceramic turbo's that some skylines run , yes it can be a problem.
It's just a gimmick from tuners to sell d/v 's ;)

have to disagree pal owned gt turbo,s for 12 years plus, and never had a turbo blow up or shatter a impellor blade BUT they do wear a lot faster than if you were running a dump valve . chatter is the compressed air being force fed the wrong way through blades thus causing it to stall hence the chatter (chopped up air exiting wrong way from turbo)
do you not think this will cause excessive load and also significant wear on the shaft ????? :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :roll:

i also run a stage 3 cossy @31 psi on a t34 with no dump valve (blanked off) as i prefer the chatter to a dump valve
and have already had two turbo,s in last 9months due to this (both times sloppy shaft)
car is maintained a1 no expense spared so is not an issue

also lost count on how many turbo,s have gone through on my gtt (t3) as i run no dump valve on that runs @26psi

you may just be lucky but i disagree on your statement mate
oh i also build turbo,s for a living before im shot down in flames lol  :wink:

General Chat /
« on: 11:14, Sat 05 January 2008 »
pah tungsten grey  :shock: worst colour imho and the most common
white much rarer  :wink:

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