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Title: Tungy gt at last
Post by: cavsri130 on 22:00, Sat 18 April 2009
i sold my 'dagenham dustbin' on friday in a desperate bid to get a GREY 5. and it worked out for me, ive wanted a grey one for ages, sold my white one to get a grey one but there was none about my area at the time. it needs work, no mot or tax and was in an accident before i got it, all that doesnt sound to good but the spec is

blue samco boost, coolant and breather pipes
2x dump valves
omp strut brace
uprated turbo with braded oil feed pipe
uprated head gasket and bolts
braided brake lines
lowered front springs, not sure on the rear
straight through stainless exhaust, unknown make
de locked
no spoiler and rear wiper, smoothed

i think thats it, carpets and seats are out, the wndow was broken and the gauges stolen, skirt off due to accident and it needs a subframe, glad i didnt put it on my clio now


now my plan is to rob the 5 to get the clio going so i can sell it then get the 5 on the road asap!
Post by: r5gtt08 on 10:55, Sun 19 April 2009
doesnt look to bad that like matey :wink:
Post by: blueredblue2008 on 11:45, Sun 19 April 2009
not a bad looking car mate to get your fingers into
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:31, Tue 21 April 2009
not sure whether to put black or orange alloys on the car. its going to be decked when they go on but heres a pic of an orange wheel i painted ages ago
ive got 2 sets of wheels so i could always do 1 set black and the other orange
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:56, Sat 25 April 2009
got the subframe fitted and got the interior cleaned and put back in. drove it home (on trade plates) and it goes pretty well, boosts well, chirps well so am quite happy, tracking needs done properly tho but ill wait till its on its arse before i do that.
only problem i found was a crunch changing down to 2nd, no pressure in the cooling system either.
so she is now parked up so i can get the bits off it i need for the clio  :(
just hope that sells quickly so i can get it on the road
Post by: r5gttraider on 13:45, Sat 25 April 2009
whats going on with the front seats?
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:21, Mon 27 April 2009
the passenger window was smashed and oil pressure and boost gauge, rear shelf with speakers were stolen :x
the seats and carpet were taken out to be cleaned and just thrown in when i got it