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Title: charisma r5gtt
Post by: turbodave on 19:38, Mon 09 February 2009
this is my new r5 my 3rd one now
pics are abit crap dirty car and crappy camera but you can still see it :)


and my new wheels painting them white with red pearl
Post by: r5gtt08 on 09:00, Tue 10 February 2009
not a bad looking car m8y (even tho i hate bodykits lol :wink: )

engine bay looks quite tidy aswell  :D

what engine mods are done (bhp if known)

and what plans do you have for the car m8y :lol:  :lol:  :wink:  8)
Post by: turbodave on 14:50, Tue 10 February 2009
so far spec is

bb tuning red spec engine
grope a carb
full 2 1/2 inch magnex exhaust (after downpipe)
Collins -31 actuator
t25 turbo with 360 thrust bearing
3 piece paddle clutch with soft pedal conversion
amtech rev limiter with full throttle gearshift
copper core rad
hvlp fuel pump
cone filter
full gaz adjustable coilovers
big brake conversion with willwood four pot front calipers
group a head gasket

mods to come..
wideband afr
ally rad
oil cooler
double capacity intercooler
Post by: r5gtt08 on 19:06, Tue 10 February 2009
sounds good m8y :lol:

keep us posted with the modifications as and when they come along :wink:
Post by: Ash-Lee on 19:16, Tue 10 February 2009
I know this car, hopefully you look after it better then the lad before you.

Last time i saw it it was billowing out blue smoke and he had punted the front drivers side into a kerb. :(
Post by: turbodave on 22:44, Tue 10 February 2009
yep thats the lad i had it off
get new subframe fitted and fied the bumper at work, im respraying the whole car soon

took chargecooler off to change back to intercooler and it was FULL of oil so i put my mint t2 on it untill i get the t25 back.

just had new big end shells, new liners and piston rings