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Title: my dimma 5 gt turbo
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:03, Mon 16 July 2007
just got her and had a quick look over her, needs a few things but thats what projects are all about eh?

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the kit seems to be fitted properly, its all smoothed in, it has a couple inperfecrtions tho. the car aint been on the road with the kit cos the interior is full of dust but the tax disc on the window says 10-99 so its not been used for a while eh?
looking at the brake discs you wouldnt think thay havent been used for 7years!! may have been stored in a garage tho

now speaking of interior, an ali g fanatic must of attacked it!
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some bits are yellow inside, the whole car before the kit went on must have been painted in beniton colours, blue and yellow!

now i was told the engine needed work, a bottom end the guy said, it has no rocker cover or top boost pipe
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i connected up a booster pack and after a few winds over it started. didnt sound to have a bottom end knock but i only had it runnin for a moment, didint want to make to much mess of oil.

so what do you all think of her?
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:08, Mon 16 July 2007
oh and one of my wifes clio that i have to use as a daily runner!
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i leave the 'L' plate on all te time so people will know its not my car
Post by: RickGTT on 18:16, Mon 16 July 2007
nice motor i think its worth the trouble you went through to get p.s tell ur missus to lose the pink hubcaps :lol:
Post by: cavsri130 on 21:15, Mon 16 July 2007
the cheek she says, they are alloys!!  :D
Post by: RickGTT on 18:05, Tue 17 July 2007
my bad :oops: but wot she needs is a nice pair of pink fluffy dice and one of thoose badges that say 'princess on board' :lol:
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:28, Wed 18 July 2007
she has the dice but i refuse to let her hang them up if i have to drive the car. got her a bodykit and it gettig painted the now.

that keeps her sweet when i want to play with the 5!!  8)
Post by: jamie on 20:52, Wed 18 July 2007
think ya self lucky. when i drive the mrs' car, it says in big pink writing in the back window " powered by fairydust "
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:37, Thu 19 July 2007
i better not tell my wife about that or she will want that to!!
Post by: RickGTT on 10:20, Thu 19 July 2007
whats the  fuel economy like on fairy dust :lol:
Post by: DJ Dark on 04:11, Sun 22 July 2007
Love the dimma kits, nice colour too ^_^ alloys...Not for me and LOL @ fairy dust....Y fairy dust????
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:41, Sun 22 July 2007
i got a rocker cover yesturday from a guy who had a camus look a like. he handed me a set of brand new red dot 20 groove discs for a turbo for nothing.......SCORE!  :D

will get a gasket on monday and take it for a tender drive up my street. you think the neighbours would mind??
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:01, Wed 25 July 2007
Got it running, didnt take it for a drive tho,

bottom end knocking
top end chatering
air and pressure in the cooling system
wont idle
turbo blowing oil in to intercooler pipe
more than enough play in the turbo shaft! mate says new engine, i say new head set and shells, uprated carb and turbo!

always the optimist!

so when i get a chance ill go for the engine out and get dirty!

on a good side tho im getting a carisma ft bumper for the car
( (
should look like that but grey and not those wheels!
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:46, Thu 26 July 2007
Had another good day yesturday. went to the SEAT garage where a boy has just finished doin up a radar, he was a nice guy!

i came away with;
a head with carb and turbo attatched
a sump
a pillar twin gauge pod
a door seal
1 clear indicator
1 radar wheel centre
and various other bits

ALL F.O.C  :lol:

delighted, just have to get a chance to strip engine now.

his radar will be for sale soon, ill put it up on here for him
Post by: DJ Dark on 16:24, Thu 26 July 2007
sounds like things are gettin into motion then, have fun and good luck LOL
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:30, Tue 11 September 2007

wife gave birth to a beautiful wee girl yesturday, i suppose is just sunk in that im getting nowhere near this car in the near future

she is g reg
tungston grey
no mot or tax
non runner, bottom end knock
standard car
15" borbet alloys
mint front seats, rear seat bench part missing
various interior trims missing

needs trailered

Post by: cavsri130 on 20:24, Fri 21 September 2007
its gone and im SUPER gutted!  

it needed sills and there was no way of doin it without taking the kit off.

swapped it for a t reg vectra sri140 with no mot or tax.

thats the eyes peeled for another one so if anyone knows of one in scotland let us know,

Post by: cavsri130 on 21:51, Sun 30 September 2007
went to see my old 5 yesturday to buy it back. this is the first time i got a chance to look over it properly...
best thing i did was sell it!!
sills were completely shot, kit woud need removed to do properly, boy said to use expanding foam to sort it, his face was priceless when i told him i was an mot tester and that was no use.

a boy is taking a white h plate through for me to see tomorrow so will see what like that is, i know the guy so he may keep it for me if i like it